Extreme escorting in London

Are you looking for some hot company in London? In that case, it is about time that you checked out extreme escorting in London. If you have been dating escorts in London for some time, you may have experienced all of the run of the mill stuff. You still enjoy hooking up with London escorts, but at the same time, you feel that something is missing. I know how you feel. A couple of months back. I felt exactly the same way. Although I still enjoyed the company of the hot sex kittens down at my local escort agency, I wanted something else out of dating escorts.


The GFE experience is great, but there are only so many times you fancy hooking up with a girl on GFE experience. Most men start out dating London escorts this way, but after a little while, you do feel that you are looking for something else. If you like, the GFE experience has become the norm, and you feel ready to move on. Can you do that? You most certainly can, and you may not even have to stop using the London escort service that you have been using.


Most London escorts agencies these days are pretty much on the ball. They come up with new dating ideas all of the time, and if you are looking to expand your horizons with an escort agency you know, I am sure that you can. When I decided to move on and trying something new, I first when in for duo dating. I thought that I was going to handle it just fine, but let me tell you, it was a bit of an eye opener. Imagine two hot babes sharing their inner secrets and desires with you.


After a couple of duo dates with two hot blondes from London escorts, I realised that I was ready to step up the tempo. Around that time, I was really into watching pornos and many of them featured a bit BDSM. It was something that I have never tried before, but I fancied knowing more about it. It was not long before I had arranged a date with a hot and sexy dominatrix at my local escort service in London. Fortunately for me, she started me of gently but I soon got used to it.


Do I have any top tips for handling London escorts? Well, when you want to step it up a gear with London escorts, you should check out what your local escort agency has available first of all. It is better to stay with an escort agency that you know really well, and I do feel that I know my local one. Just because you feel that you are ready to graduate to extreme dating, does not mean that you want to do it all of the time. I still get a kick out of the GFE experience, and I would not give that up. The truth is that some girls are good at different things, and if you find the right girl …. well, what can is say.

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